Offline work gets online results



Our online PR agency is designed to help you reap the rewards PR can offer at a fraction of the cost of a traditional retained agency. We often step into assist freelance PR consultants and small agencies when they are up against a tight deadline and towering workload.

A common factor in whoever we assist, is that they have done their homework before they send their brief to us. Companies that begin on the DIY PR road often make the mistake of not setting their objectives from the outset. This causes problems in terms of clarity of content and confused messaging. And, importantly, how are you going to measure the success of your PR efforts if you don’t know what you were aiming for?

We want you to get the most out of our online PR agency. Whether it is press release writing, copywriting or blog content, we want it to be relevant and effective. That is why we advise you to work out what it is you want to get out of PR. For instance:

• Awareness: Profile building

• Supporting new business: promoting a new product or service

• Changing perceptions: Change the way you are seen by a particular group

Consider how you might measure these objectives. The immediate effect of our press release writing and distribution services is the media coverage. Part of our online PR service is an email notification service of coverage.

The overall outcome should be the longer term change you hope to bring about via your efforts, such as an increase in sales or a change in opinion.

So a bit of offline time to understand what you want and how you intend to measure actions will help you and PR Centre achieve online success.